Lendr Network

Official Lendr Network Documentation

What is the Lendr Network?

Lendr Network is a decentralized governance-free lending protocol offering interest-free loans for on-chain real-world assets (RWAs), including the inflation-proof flatcoin LendrUSD (USDL).
The Lendr Network has won 1st place from 1INCH at the BNB Chain 2023 Hackathon and 1st Place from Truflation at the Spring 2023 Chainlink Hackathon.
We are an enhanced/improved fork of the extremely successful Liquity Protocol (LUSD and LQTY). We have taken their proven system and have added:
  • An innovative inflation-proof stablecoin (flatcoin) LendrUSDL (USDL)
  • World's first U.S. real estate stablecoin (flatcoin) LendrUSRE (USRE)
  • Multiple decentralized on-chain real worlds assets (RWAs) including stablecoins for gold, oil/gas, healthcare, etc.
  • Significantly lower barriers to entry (lowered minimum debt positions)
  • Plans to create a multi-chain lending ecosystem
  • and other improvements
The Lendr Network ecosystem is designed to be fully decentralized and governance-free, relying on immutable public smart contracts that are open source and security audited.

What are the main components of the Lendr Network Ecosystem?

Here are the main components of the ecosystem:
  • Lendr Network Dapp - A decentralized application where users can provide collateral in order to borrow Lendr Network stablecoins at a 0% interest rate.
  • Lendr Network Stablecoins - Stablecoin loans can be taken out at 0% interest
    • The Lendr Network offers stablecoins pegged to various indexes.
    • Lendr Network stablecoins are fully over-collateralized and allows any holder to redeem them for 1:1 backing at any time.
    • Stablecoins are additionally secured by a Stability pool and fellow borrowers acting as guarantors of last resort.
  • Lendr Network Reward Tokens - Every stablecoin has an associated reward token used to collect fees from stablecoins being issued and redeemed.
  • Stablecoin Stability Pool - A staking pool that allows users to stake their stablecoins and earn early adopter rewards in the form of reward tokens and from liquidations in the form of native blockchain tokens.
  • Reward Token Stability Pool - A staking pool that allows users to stake reward tokens to earn rewards in the form of stablecoins from issuance fees and native blockchain tokens from redemption fees.
If you would like to learn more, please read through our FAQs and documentation or contact us through our social media platforms or AMAs.

Is there an ecosystem diagram that shows how it all works together?

Yes, but its a little complicated! Here you go:
Lendr Ecosystem Diagram, (Secondary Token = LNDR)