🎁Lendr Reward Tokens

Lendr Network Reward Tokens

Each of the Lendr Network flatcoins uses the same underlying lending and reward mechanisms to function and each has its own reward token. Here are the reward tokens associated with each flatcoin:

  • LendrUSRE (USRE) -> LendrR (LNDRr)

  • LendrUSD (USDL) -> Lendr (LNDR)

  • LendrGold (LGLD) -> LendrG (LNDRg)

Reward Token Functionalities

The lending functionalities of each of the reward tokens are the same, including staking and reward mechanisms.

As such, this documentation will use USDL and LNDR as the main examples but the functionalities apply to all of our flatcoins and their reward tokens.

Why are there multiple reward tokens?

This video explains why multiple reward tokens are used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsTzAEUZMow

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