Lendr Network
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Presale Information

The Lendr protocol is being changes to utilize a single reward token across all real world asset tokens, as such the information in this section will no longer be accurate.

How do real world asset tokens and reward token launches work?

The Lendr Network will host presales for each Lendr Network reward token. Every reward token has an associated real world asset token.
Real World Asset Token --> Reward Token
  • Real Estate: LendrRE(LDRE) --> LendrR(LNDRr)
  • Inflation Proof USD: LendrUSD(USDL) --> Lendr(LNDR)
  • Gold: LendrGOLD(LGLD) --> LendrG(LNDRg)
Once the reward token presale is complete, the token will launch and the borrowing platform for its associated real world asset token will open allowing users to begin opening troves for the real world asset token.

When are the presales?

The presales are currently taking place on Pinksale. Information on presales is as follows:

LendrR (LNDRr) on ETH

  • The LendrR presale for ETH has been completed.

LendrR (LNDRr) on BSC

  • The LendrR presale for BSC has been completed.

Future Presales:

Links to the remaining presales along with all the relevant presale information will be provided soon!