Lendr Network

Governance, Security, and Audits

What type of governance mechanism does Lendr Network use?

The Lendr Network prioritizes decentralization and aims to be governance-free, meaning the protocol is governed by immutable smart contracts that any user can verify. This makes LendrUSD more trustworthy and censorship/regulation resistant.
Ownership of Lendr Network tokens, staking pools, and collateral control have all been renounced before launch. This can be verified by viewing the public smart contracts.

What type of security audits has Lendr undergone?

Lendr Network on Certik Skynet
Security is a top priority for our protocol. The Lendr Network tokens and applications have been audited internally and externally by multiple third-party companies.

Security audits

  • Internal Pre-Testnet Launch Audit - Completed 5/10/23
  • Internal Pre Mainnet Launch Audit - Completed 5/29/23
  • External Pre-Mainnet Launch Audits
  • External Post Mainnet Launch Audit - Coming soon after launch
Additionally, here are audits of the original Liquity code base that we forked:

What other safety mechanisms are in place?

The Lendr Network is a registered company in the United States, and as such we follow strict compliance and regulatory guidelines.
We also aim to follow a variety of security best practices. The Lendr team uses multi-signature verification wallets to control protocol funds and we educate our employees on security best practices.

Bug Bounty Programs

Lendr Network Bug Bounty 08/2023
Lendr Network will be launching multiple bug bounty systems including a partnership with the largest web3 bug bounty platform Immunefi. Here are our bug bounty programs: