Lendr Network
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Long Term Vision

Our Vision

Lendr’s mission is to give the world equal access to financial opportunities by becoming the largest provider of globally accessible, decentralized RWA tokens.

What is the Long Term Vision for Lendr Network? | Lendr Network FAQ Series

What is the long-term vision for the Lendr Network?

Our long-term vision for the Lendr Network is to provide a number of decentralized real world asset tokens on multiple blockchains. These tokens are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing web3 DeFi protocols. These tokens will be pegged to different indexes such as:
  • USD (LendrUSD) - Inflation-proof stablecoin (Flatcoin)
  • Gold (LendrGOLD)
  • US Real Estate (LendrUSRE)
  • US Healthcare (LendrHC)
  • Energy (LendrEN)
  • US Agriculture and Food (LendrAG)
  • and more
This would allow users to take out interest-free loans on a variety of real-world assets using fully decentralized on-chain tokens.
LendrUSD, LendrGold, LendrUSRE

How will users acquire these tokens?

Each of these tokens will use the same mechanism, requiring users to provide 110% collateral to open a Trove and create the tokens with a 0% interest loan.
These future real world asset tokens would follow the same guiding principles:
  • Decentralized
  • Over-collateralized using verifiable on-chain assets
  • Built-in reward mechanisms and incentives for users

Are these tokens going to be available at launch?

The code for these real world asset tokens has already been created but will be launched one by one to allow for collateral to accumulate for each individual token.