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Lendr "Love it or Leave Free" Guarantee

We want to make trying the Lendr platform as risk-free as possible, so we created the Lendr "Love it or Leave Free" Guarantee! Available for a limited time as we grow the product!

How it works:

Open a trove and stake any of the Lendr stablecoins to earn rewards immediately. If you are not happy with the platform you can contact our team within 1 week of opening your trove and we will help you close your trove and cover your trove issuance fee up to $100 USD.
All we ask is that you join our team in a video call to explain why you did not like our product so that we can make it better.
With the Lendr "Love it or Leave Free" guarantee, there is no reason not to at least try our system out!
The Lendr "Love it or Leave Free" Guarantee is limited to a single use per customer. Identity verification may be necessary to ensure the program is used by new users only. More information available in our disclaimer.