Lendr Network

Frontend Operators

What are frontend operators?

The Lendr Network is designed to allow any user to host a frontend that interfaces with the official stablecoin and reward token smart contracts. Frontend providers are rewarded for hosting a frontend with reward tokens through a kickback rate that they can control.
This allows for frontend redundancy to exist, ensuring that users always have an interface to use to interact with the protocol smart contracts. It also allows for localization to occur as front ends can be created in different languages.
At launch, only the official Lendr frontend will be available.

What is the kickback rate?

Each Frontend Operator may set a rate between 0 and 100% that determines the fraction of reward tokens that will be paid out as a kickback to the Stability Providers using that frontend. If a frontend set the kickback rate to 90%, their users would receive 90% of their earned rewards while the frontend receives the remaining 10%.
Once a frontend's kickback rate has been set, it cannot be changed.
The official Lendr Network frontend has a kickback rate of 99%, sending 99% of reward tokens earned to the users.

How can I run a frontend?

More information will be released in the near future on how to register as an official frontend operator through Lendr. Or you can visit our Github to deploy your own now! (Coming Soon)