Lendr Network


An Evolving Roadmap

This roadmap aims to outline the general goals that the Lendr Network is currently pursuing and its plans for the future. As the cryptocurrency landscape is constantly evolving, the Lendr Network remains adaptive and flexible in its approach to the project. Timelines and plans can and will change frequently. We provide this roadmap as a rough outline of our upcoming plans.

Q1 2023 (Complete)

  • Complete - Initial Product Research and Planning
  • Complete - Initial Business Plan and Company Creation
  • Complete - Technical Specifications Created
  • Complete - Initial preparation of Customer Facing Information (documentation, website, social media, etc.)
  • Complete - Recruit Starting Lendr Team Members

Q2 2023 (Complete)

  • Complete - Development of the Lendr Protocol MVP
  • Complete - Internal Testing of Dapp and Tokens
  • Complete - Education Pre-Launch Content Created (Videos)
  • Complete - BSC Testnet Application and Token Launched
  • Complete - 🏆 1st Place Win in the Binance BNB Chain Hackathon (1inch Network)
  • Complete - ETH Testnet Application and Token Launched
  • Complete - 🏆 1st Place Win in the Chainlink Hackathon (Truflation)
  • Complete - SolidProof Security Audit

Q3 2023 (Complete)

  • Complete - Certik Security Audit
  • Complete - LendrUSRE BSC Community Presale
  • Complete - LendrUSRE Token and Defi Lendr Launch (BSC Mainnet)
  • Complete - LendrUSRE ETH Community Presale
  • Complete - LendrUSRE Token and Defi Lendr Launch (ETH Mainnet)
  • Complete - Lendr Trove Referral System Launched
  • Complete - Lendr Presale Affiliate Program Launched
  • Complete - Launch Liquidity Generation Incentive (Unipool)

Q4 2023

  • CG/CMC Listings for LendrUSRE
  • Launch Exclusive Top Holder/Trove Community
  • Secure 2 DeFi Platform Partnerships
  • Improve User Engagement & Community Building Systems
    • Education & Awareness Campaigns
    • Community Quest Campaigns
    • Ongoing Content Creation
  • Improve Inbound/Outbound Marketing Systems
  • 1 Major CEX Listings
  • Launch Lendr Platform Affiliate Program
  • Implement Web3 Analytics Integration

Q1 2024 -> Future Plans

We decided to display our future plans in a single list rather than splitting it up by quarter because many systems are developing simultaneously and will complete and different paces.
Rather than aiming to anticipate exact timelines which will inevitably move, we simply move on to the next priority when one is completed. Here are our priorities (in alphabetical order):
  • Additional DeFi Platform Partnerships
  • Additional Exchange Listings (CEX & DEX)
  • Additional Product Offerings
  • Continued Improvement of Our Inbound/Outbound Marketing Systems
  • Expansion to Additional Blockchains
  • Expansion of the Lendr Team
  • Increased Decentralization
  • Implementation of Community Fund Bounties and Governance (TBD)
  • Launch LendrGOLD BSC
  • Launch LendrGOLD ETH
  • Launch LendrUSD BSC
  • Launch LendrUSD ETH
  • Researching New Flatcoin/Stablecoin Index Tokens to Create
  • Traditional Finance Entity Partnerships
  • V2 Lendr Lending Platform

Key Performance Indicators:

To gauge the success of our go-to-market strategy, we'll consistently monitor the following KPIs:
  • Protocol Integrations: Number of DeFi platforms and traditional entities integrating Lendr.
  • Exchange Listings: The number and quality of centralized and decentralized exchanges where Lendr's token is listed and traded.
  • Unique Token Holders and Stakers: Track growth in token adoption, particularly those actively staking.
  • Number of Troves (Loans) Opened: A metric indicating user activity and platform utilization.
  • Total Value Locked (TVL): Measure the total assets secured within the Lendr ecosystem.
  • Protocol Revenue: Monitor the direct revenue generated through fees and other platform operations.
  • Community Activity: Measure community engagement and activity on an ongoing basis to gauge our engagement campaigns.
This roadmap is provided only as a rough draft of our speculative plans. Specific timelines or completion of roadmap items are NOT guaranteed, taking into account factors like market fluctuations, development resources, security precautions, and other unforeseen changes.