Lendr Network

Lendr Flatcoins/Stablecoins

Lendr Network flatcoins

The Lendr Network is comprised of multiple flatcoins/stablecoins all providing different utilities to holders. These tokens include:
  • LendrUSRE (LDRE) - U.S. Real Estate Flatcoin
  • LendrUSD (USDL) - Inflation-Proof US Dollar Flatcoin
  • LendrGold (LGLD) - Global Gold Market Flatcoin

Lending System Functionalities

The lending functionalities of each of the flatcoins are the same, including opening and closing troves, redemptions, liquidations, staking, and reward mechanisms.
As such, this documentation will use USDL and LNDR as the main examples but the functionalities apply to all of our flatcoins and their reward tokens.